Defending Genesis

Defending Genesis: How We Got Here & Why It Matters

How did we get here? Are we the product of a benevolent Creator who spoke the cosmos and everything else into existence over the course of six calendar days about 6,000 years ago? Or are we the product of all-natural processes consistent with those we observe today taking place over the course of millions and millions of years? Do we have to choose? Are science and religion two different but complementary forms of truth, or do we have to choose one as our ultimate authority? Can trust the Bible as true history, or must we interpret it as a teaching myth, like Aesop’s fables? What are the consequences if we do?

Christian apologist and science fiction author Tony Breeden explores the ramifications of the Origins Argument and demonstrates that, ultimately, the debate is not about facts or even about science. It’s about authority: The revealed Word of God versus the word of all-natural science. The question is: which authority best explains the world we live in?

Tony Breeden’s debut non-fiction book is available at Amazon and Smashwords.

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DefGen Books ( is an imprint of, publishing non-fiction books related to theology, apologetics, cultural issues, the art of writing and other subjects relevant to the ministry of Tony Breeden. Which is to say, yes, there will be more. ;]

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